Branch Democracy

Your UNISON branch is run democratically by elected branch officers, stewards and health & safety representatives – your colleagues. Decision making takes place at bi-monthly branch and stewards’ meetings; the former held NWAS-wide and the latter held in each individual area of the service.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The highest decision making body in the branch is the Annual General Meeting, which is held in three parts across each area of the service (one meeting per geographical area) between February and April every year. Any member can attend and vote at these meetings,as well as propose motions (potential branch policy) for discussion. This is also where nominations and elections take place for branch officer positions, from Workplace Stewards to the position of Branch Secretary. We encourage all members to attend and take part in the democratic processes of the branch.

The branch’s accounts and finances are also available for scrutiny at the AGM in the form of the treasurer’s report, and any member can examine this and raise questions arising from it, before acceptance of the report is put to a vote.

The AGM is your opportunity to shape the direction of our branch, raise questions, and hold your branch officers to account. We actively encourage member involvement in decision making – we are a body of the workforce and there to represent and carry the voice of our membership.

Representation at Regional and National level

As well as our AGM and branch meetings locally, we send delegates to national UNISON conferences where we have an opportunity to change national union policy and influence the way our union operates on behalf of its members.

Some of our branch representatives also sit on regional and national bodies, such as the National Ambulance Sector, which co-ordinate different aspects of the union’s work on a national level.